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Dennis Lee Crane

Dennis Lee Crane was born November 10, 1949 in Nassawadox, Virginia. His father, James was a Naval Fighter Pilot in World War II and his mother, Dorothy a housewife and mother. He was raised on a farm in Maryland along with his two sisters, Bev and Donna and his brother, Chet. He grew up with go carts, midget race cars and harness horses on the farm that were a large part of his life. In his early teens he then moved to California with his family to pursue the Harness Racing that his dad and the whole family loved so much.

He owned, trained and drove Harness Horses from the time he was 15 yrs old until his mid 40’s. Dennis was an accomplished trainer/driver with many winners in his stable and an enviable record. After he retired from the racetrack, he worked for the City of Laguna Beach for 10 years and then started working with computers and coins.

He now lives in San Clemente, California. He has been married twice for ten years each time. Even though he did not have any biological children, he raised two boys as if they were his own. Dennis manages multiple web sites and eBay accounts on a daily basis. His web sites cover a multitude of areas of interest, although coins are his special interest. He is talented and very proficient at photography, coin collecting, web page designing and PC programming. He loves bowling and watching movies and HDTV.

Dennis Lee Crane has gained an extension knowledge and love of coins. He is a long time member of the ANA - American Numismatic Association, PCGS - Professional Coin Grading Service, and NGC – Numismatic Guarantee Corp of America and PMG – Paper Money Guarantee. He is a member of or affiliated with: EBAY, PayPal, Commission Junction, EPN, Linkshare, Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft AD Center, ASK Listings, AMP Keywords, GoDaddy, IContact, ClickBank, Amazon, Goggle Affiliates, Goggle AdSense, International Webmasters Association. Dennis has attended numerous Numismatic seminars, classes and publishes a Numismatic newsletter is considered by many to be an expert in the Numismatic field.

He is a Christian with a close personal relationship with God. His faith and love of the Lord is the foundation of his life. He credits God for any and all success he has had in his life. He cares for and is the Direct Support Specialist for a mentally challenged adult. Dennis lives by his faith and always conducts his business and his life by remembering his faith, his family and his values.


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